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4 tips that will instantly help you improve your aim in Valorant

Do you want to improve your Valorant shooting? Do you want everyone to be amazed by your aim? But no matter how many Desmatches you play, no matter how many times you train your shooting and you still can't do it? Then, we will tell you 4 important [...].
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How to win in Valorant? Beginner's guide

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter, which is very similar to Counter-Strike, but has a number of its own subtleties and features. Unlike CS, there are agents with a unique set of skills, these agents also need to be unlocked [...].
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Kc 2 how to reduce ping

How to Reduce Ping in Kc 2: Advanced Guide

How to Reduce Ping in Counter-Strike 2: Advanced Guide Ping plays a key role in the gaming experience in Counter-Strike 2. It affects how quickly the game reacts to your actions, which is critical in competitive play. The concept of Ping and its Impact on the Game: Ping [...].
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Explanation of CS2 ranks and the cs2 ranking system

CS2 ranking system clarification There are two different ranking systems for ranks in CS2: competitive ranks and CS ranking in premier mode. In competitive mode, players now have a rank (from Silver 1 to Global Elite) for each map. In premier mode, players will get [...]
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CS2's new ranking system - Ranks in ks2 how do they work?

With the release of CS2, the ranking system has been completely changed and there will no longer be the usual ranks from CSGO How does the ranking system work in CS2 (elo)? Counter-Strike's competitive mode has changed dramatically to create a more streamlined ranking system where players will receive [...]
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How the ranking system works in Valorant - Ranking System

Riot has created a pretty complex ranking system in Valorant. We've gathered all the information you need to know about Valorant's ranking system here to help you understand how you can raise your level in Riot's popular free-to-play first-person shooter. This guide is divided [...]
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Scoring comments in Steam: how to increase Trust factor in 2 minutes

In a time when online gaming has become an integral part of everyday life, your Steam profile often serves as your calling card to the gaming community. It reflects your achievements, experience and the reputation you have earned among other players. In this article, we will talk about [.....]
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Bind to change hands in CS2- the easiest way to customize the layout

In cs2 has already added a change of hands! By default it is the button H How to zabindi change the location of hands in KS2 If suddenly, for some reason you decided to change the location of hands in the game, then this article will definitely help you. To do this you need: a little [...].
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