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Successfully operating since 2015

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Attestation in payment services

Working since 2015, we have passed attestations and inspections of major payment aggregators with which we have agreements (enot io, anypay, paypalych).

This means that we have provided all the necessary documents (Passport details, INN, bank accounts, etc.).

And have also been fully vetted by the security department of each of the aggregators

Security of your accounts

For any kind of boost, you will not need to disable the protection of the account 2fa (in styme "steam guard"), which guarantees the complete safety of your account, as well as game items and other valuables

We cooperate only with professional players (boosters), who have passed security checks, verification of identity, as well as have a wealth of experience 

Several thousand personalized testimonials

We do our best to provide our customers with the best service possible
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