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With the release of CS2, the ranking system has been completely changed and there will no longer be the ranks you are used to from CSGO

How does the ranking system work in CS2 (elo)?

Counter-Strike's competitive mode has changed dramatically to create a more streamlined matchmaking system, where players will have a better gaming experience through better matchmaking (this is still controversial)
There are now two ratings in cs2: Premier mode and Competitive mode

Unlike CSGO, Premier mode has a numerical ranking value, which is most similar to Faceit's ranking, but there are nuances here, which we'll talk about later. The problem with the previous ranking system was that a player never knew how close they were to being promoted or demoted. Just as often players faced the problem of promotion, when even for 10-15 wins in a row a player could not raise his rank, which was disappointing and discouraging, and most importantly did not improve the ranking games of other players

The old rating system from xgo is still in the game, but it will not be used in "Premier" mode and may be removed in the future. You can meet it in the usual competitive mode, where you choose the maps on which you will play (we will consider this rating obsolete)

How does the new cs2 rating work?


To begin in CS2 you will have to overcome the first challenge - to make 10 victories. Yes, that's right wins. Valve decided that just playing well is not enough, you need to win to get your first rank / elo in CS2.
Player rankings start at 0 and can go up to 40,000+ elo and each new milestone of 5000 elo you will mark by changing the color designation of your ranking (color of the baldric).
We have added approximate rank marks from xgo and faceit to compare with the current rankings:

  • 0-3,000 - Silvers
  • 3,000-6,000 - Gold Nova.
  • 6000-10000 - Master Guardian+ - Legendary Berkut
  • 10,000-15,000 - Suprim - Global (8+ Faceit level)
  • 15,000-20,000 - Global+ (Level 10 Faceit)
  • 20,000-25,000 - Global+ (Faceit 2300-2500 elo)
  • 30,000+ - Global+ (Faceit 2700+ elo)

So now your rating is not just numbers - it is also a color, which can be perceived as your personal game "rank". It is very likely that the innovation is inspired by the FACEIT service, where a similar system of numerical rating and levels has been used for a long time.

And another point of comparison: the yellow category is something like Global Elite, and the gray category resembles Silver. Well, you get how it works, don't you?

If you need help in obtaining a new rank, you can use the service rating boost in cs2

How does the promotion in the new CS2 rating work?



The logic remains the same - Win for promotion and if you lose, you will be relegated. At the beginning of the match you will see exactly how many rating points you will earn or lose, depending on the outcome of the match and your kills and personal result does not affect this (in our opinion this is a big mistake).

Judging by the way the rating worked in beta, your win or loss streaks will affect how much elo you get. For example, if you were losing 100 elo per defeat, then after 3-5 defeats in a row, you may start getting 300 elo for the next defeat. The system also works the same way with the series of victories

How does the new Premer mode work?


Premier mode in CS2 is different from normal competitive matches. First, you can't choose the map or maps you want to play on. Instead, it uses a select/ban phase that was brazenly borrowed from Facit

After the match starts, the first team bans two cards, then the other team bans three more cards. This system means that you must be confident in playing all the cards presented, because any of them can fall out at the most inopportune moment (To Mirage only players with 3000+ matches, a personal hello from us).

In normal competitive mode, you can still choose which maps you want to play on so you can practice and improve your skills on unfamiliar maps if you want to prepare for Premier modes

The new MR12 rounds system

MR12 stands for Max Rounds 12 - This is the maximum number of rounds that can be played in a half. Thus, the first half can end with a score of 6-6, 9-3 or 12-0. After a change of sides, the first team to take the 13th round wins the game

If both teams are tied at 12-12, overtime will begin where the first team to take 16 rounds will be declared the winner. If the match goes to 15-15, the game will be a draw
You may also surrender if at least 1 player leaves the ranking match

Table of CS2 rating leaders

Valve has unveiled a new leaderboard, where you can see the best players around the world and also understand what level you and your friends are currently on

You can filter by friends, top 1000 in the world or specific regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, Australia, China, Europe, North America, South America. Your leaderboard region is simply determined by where you play most of your matches.

You will also need to choose a name for the leaderboard and submit it for approval. Also, once created, your name cannot be changed for the current season - so choose wisely! The first season is currently ongoing, and it is not yet known exactly how long it will last.

Please note that you must have Prime status to be eligible for the leaderboards.


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