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Since 2015, we are the leading provider of boosting and pumping game accounts in CS:GO and Valorant

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What we offer


Premium boost for all

Benefits of our service

Our unique offering is extremely simple - Provide the best booster service with support, for our customers.

Regardless of the chosen game CS:GO, Valorant or Apex Legends you will get a boost from top-class players, as well as competent support for any questions you may have 

VPN security

During the boost, an advanced account protection system with VPN is used

Off-line mode

The entire boost is conducted offline, no one will see the account activity

Order monitoring

Keep track of your order, communicate with the performer and get support at any time

Great price

We offer the best price for a quality and safe service with a guarantee of results

Working since 2015

What our customers write

Answering the questions

About FastGG

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Working since 2015

FastGG has been offering boost and in-game help in CS:GO, Valorant since 2015.
Our service caters to the high demands of our customers by providing rank boosting and improving the gaming experience.

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Anonymous Boost

We use VPN - security and 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your personal data.
Any boost is strictly anonymous

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PRO Players

Boost is conducted by a team of professional players with years of experience
Rank advancement will take minimal time and leave only positive impressions

How does the boost system work? (rank boost)

Place an order on the site for a boost on the desired game and direction, and then fill in the necessary data for the work or specify a convenient time for the boost, if you ordered a rank increase in the lobby

Why choose us?

We offer the best service for our customers. You will always get competent support for any questions, and the cost of boost always remains affordable when working with professional players

What guarantee is there that the account won't be stolen?

Realizing the value of your account, we have developed a system in which you will not need to disable 2fa protection of the account for the duration of the work, whether it is ks go or valorant boost. Also note that you are always available "lobby boost" where you will play with our performer in a group ie without transferring the account

How fast will I get my rank up?

Boost speed is highly dependent on your current rating and statistics, we take this indicator very seriously. Our performers are high class players who are able to raise your rating in minimum time.
For example, a standard boost takes about 48 hours

Can I be blocked for boosting?

Despite the small risk, we pride ourselves on our clients not having lockouts. We take the issue of safe boosting very seriously, and our performers are experienced and proven players

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