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Настоящее Пользовательское Соглашение определяет условия и порядок оказания услуг между физическим лицом, именуемым в дальнейшем “Клиент”, и сервисом FastGG. Оформление заказа на Сайте подразумевает согласие Клиента с условиями настоящего Соглашения, что в соответствии с пунктом 2 статьи 437 Гражданского кодекса Российской Федерации (ГК РФ) означает акцепт предложения. В результате акцепта физическое лицо становится Клиентом-Заказчиком (согласно пункту 3 статьи 438 ГК РФ), и Продавец и Клиент считаются сторонами настоящего договора.

Акцепт настоящего Пользовательского Соглашения осуществляется путем совершения Клиентом действий, свидетельствующих о его намерении и желании вступить в правоотношения с Администрацией Сайта. К таким действиям относится оплата Клиентом стоимости товара или услуг. Акцепт данного Соглашения означает ознакомление, понимание и полное, безусловное и безоговорочное согласие Клиента с положениями и требованиями, определенными в Пользовательском Соглашении.

С момента акцепта Пользовательского Соглашения между Администрацией Сайта и Клиентом считается заключенным и согласованным договор, а его условия являются обязательными для исполнения обеими сторонами.

Terms used in the User Agreement

1.1 The following terms are used with the following meaning:

1.1.1 Website means a website owned by the Website Administration and located on the Internet under the domain name (address) www.fastgg.net, as well as its derivative web pages, which provides interaction between the Customer and the Seller through electronic communication channels, including for the purposes of transferring Goods to the Customer and mutual settlements between the Customer and the Seller.

1.1.2 Seller - the Site Administration or any third party, on behalf and in whose interests the Site Administration acts. The Site Administration acts as an agent for the sale of goods / services and is not the owner of the goods / services sold. The site acts as a trading platform.

1.1.3 Buyer - a natural person who makes a purchase of goods and/or services on the site.

1.1.4. Merchandise - Game accounts and E-mail of this account.

1.1.5 Services - Any game offers to improve the rating, level of game accounts, training in game skills or other actions aimed at improving the game account

1.1.6. Game Account is a combination of a unique user name (login) and password for the respective computer game or program (user account in the computer game or program) required to log in and use the respective computer game or program, including using the achievements, levels, skills, etc. attained by the user who originally owned the respective account

1.1.7. Goods Purchase Agreement - an agreement between the Seller and the Customer, under which the Seller transfers and the Customer accepts for a fee (for a consideration) the rights to use the Goods in accordance with their main purpose.

1.1.8 Order - the Client's application for any services, executed through the Site and representing the Client's free and independent intention to order the selected service from the Seller.

1.1.9 Executor - a third party cooperating with the administration of the site, whose actions are aimed at the execution of services paid by the client

1.2.0. Electronic Mail (E-mail) is a special technology that provides forwarding and receiving electronic messages, letters, files, documents, etc. through the use of information and telecommunications network of the Internet.

1.2.1 Terms not defined in clause 1.1. of this Offer can be used in the User Agreement. In such cases, terms are interpreted in accordance with the text and meaning of this Offer. If there is no unambiguous interpretation of a term in the text of the User Agreement, you should follow, firstly, the interpretation of terms used on the Website, including in the legal documentation posted on the Website; secondly, the legislation of the Russian Federation and customary business practices in the relevant field of activity.

1.2.2 Direct Boost - Type of service, in which to fulfill the conditions of the offer, the performer uses the game account of the client

1.2.3 Lobby Boost - Type of service in which, to fulfill the conditions of the offer, the client agrees on time intervals for joint execution of the order, without transferring the account, on the part of the Client

1.2.4 trust factor - In-game method of evaluating an account, which affects the selection in competitive mode

1.2.5 Prime status is an in-game designation that affects the selection of players in competitive mode

1.2.6 Вертиго буст – запрещенный вид прокачки игрвого звания, во время которого используется бот система в подставных играх.

Subject of the User Agreement

2.1 Under this Offer, the Website Administration, acting on its own behalf or on behalf of the Seller, sells goods and services through the Website to Clients, and the Client pays for this Goods or Service in the amount, on terms and in the manner set forth in this Offer.

2.2 The name, assortment and type of Goods or Service, its description, cost and methods of payment, as well as other conditions, are indicated on the Website on the corresponding web page of Goods or Service.

2.3 The Goods are provided to the Client in accordance with the characteristics and parameters specified in the Goods description on the corresponding web page. At the moment of sale (transfer) of the Goods, the Website Administration guarantees the quality and performance of the Goods.

2.4 The Parties agree that the concept of "Account Reliability" is a consequence of a certain measure of financial responsibility of the Website Administration to the Customer for the Goods sold (clause 7.1).

2.5. After the purchase of the game account - Goods, the Site Administration is not responsible for the consequences of problems with access to the game account.

2.6 The services are provided to the Client in accordance with the rules of the services rendered.

2.6.1 The service of pumping the game account is carried out by voluntary transfer of the game data to the Contractor or the Independent Game, depending on the type of service selected.

2.6.2 The final terms of services specified in the user's personal account can be changed by the provider no more than three times

2.7 If the Site Administration will not perform the client's order within the stipulated time, the client can demand the return of the funds transferred, in terms of unfulfilled conditions. Refunds are made only to the balance of the account on the site.

2.8 The terms of rendering services on the site are approximate and can be increased depending on the workload of the service. The administration of the site has the right to add up to 10 calendar days to the stipulated terms on the site to complete the Customer's order.

2.9 Funds in the account of the site can only be used to purchase services and must be spent no later than 14 days from the date of accrual

Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1 The rights and obligations of the Site Administration:

3.1.1. The Website Administration is obliged to advise the Client on the technical aspects of using the Website and purchasing the Goods upon the Client's request.

3.1.2. The Website Administration undertakes to review and verify the motivated claims received from the Clients within 30 working days from the date of receipt of such claims.

3.1.3. Site Administration undertakes to maintain the Site in working order.

3.1.4. The Website Administration has the right to remove information about a particular Product or Service from the Website without prior notice to the Client.

3.1.5. The Website Administration has the right to refuse to fulfill the Client's Order without giving a reason.

3.1.6. the Website Administration has the right to check the information about the Goods, provided by the Seller, perform preliminary moderation of the Goods, information about which is placed on the Website.

3.1.7. The Site Administration has the right to engage third parties to perform its obligations under this Offer, remaining responsible for their actions and decisions as its own.

3.1.8. The Site Administration has the right to carry out maintenance work on the Site, in connection with which the Site may be unavailable for use at the specified time.

3.1.8 The Website Administration has the right to cancel the Client's order without refund in the described cases: Клиент прямо или косвенно препятствует исполнению заказа, в том числе не выходит на контакт для исполнения обязательств в течение более 14-ти дней The client violated the terms of the User Agreement

3.1.9 Администрация обязуется вернуть средства клиента на баланас аккаунта (внутренний счет сайта) в описанных случаях: Если течение 14-ти дней с момента оплаты заказа, клиент отказался от исполнения услуги, а работы по заказу еще не были начаты

3.2 Rights and obligations of the Client:

3.2.1. the Client agrees to pay the cost of goods and/or services determined in accordance with the terms of this Offer.

3.2.2 The Client undertakes to immediately notify the Website Administration of any complaints about the Goods or Service, without taking any actions (including leaving negative feedback before making a decision on the problem) aimed at independent elimination of defects. In cases where the client makes attempts to solve the problem independently or appeals with a claim 24 hours after its detection, the Site Administration has the right to refuse warranty compensation for Goods/Service or its replacement.

3.2.3. the Customer undertakes to familiarize himself with the description of the Goods/Service, its characteristics and conditions of sale before buying (purchasing) the Goods/Service.

3.2.4. The Client agrees to familiarize himself with the security measures for the use of goods and services before the purchase on the web page and to strictly follow the actions aimed at ensuring safety: After payment and verification of Goods, change all passwords on the received accounts (Game, Email), as well as change or add additional measures of built-in protection of accounts, if any (Secret question, 2fa authorization and others)

3.2.5. The Client agrees to independently and timely familiarize himself with all information posted on the Site, as well as in the notifications received by the e-mail address of the Client.

3.2.6. the Client has the right to independently choose the Goods/Services from the list offered on the Website.

3.2.7. The Customer has the right to independently determine the method of payment for the Goods/Services from the list of payment methods offered on the Website.

3.2.8. Hereby the Client gives his consent to the Website Administration to send any information messages, notifications, etc. to the Client's e-mail address.

3.2.9. Настоящим Клиент понимает и соглашается, что внутренней политикой производителя компьютерной игры (Valve) или программы (Steam) или игровыми платформами Faceit / ESEA могут быть установлены ограничения на передачу Игрового аккаунта и/или искусственному повышению рейтинг, в связи с чем со стороны производителя могут проводиться мероприятия по блокировке соответствующих пользователей, использующих данный товар или услугу, направленные на недопущение использования компьютерной игры или программы. Администрация Сайта не несет ответственность в указанной части, а Клиент обязуется не предъявлять к ней претензии или требования, самостоятельно неся все негативные последствия указанных ограничений со стороны производителя. Иными словами передача, покупка аккаунтов Steam запрещена пользовательским соглашением Steam. Администрация сайта fastgg не несет ответственность за возможные блокировки и иные ограничения со стороны Steam / Faceit / ESEA.

3.2.10. When purchasing Goods/Services, the Customer undertakes to act in good faith and not to abuse his rights, in particular not to purchase Goods/Services in order to extort other Goods/Services or perform other dishonest actions causing damage, losses or costs to the Website Administration or the Seller.

3.2.11 The client undertakes to read all materials on the fastgg.net/docs page

3.2.12 The client undertakes to use the paid service or goods within the terms specified in this user agreement Violation of the deadlines is regarded as an obstacle to the Administration of the site in the performance of its obligations

3.2.13. The Client is aware and agrees that the account transferred by him to perform any of the services can be used by the Administration to send comments on the platform steam, joining the community steam and other actions that do not lead to the blocking of the game account.

3.2.14 The client undertakes not to interfere in any way with the procedure of fulfillment of obligations on the paid service or goods

Settlements between the Parties

4.1 The cost of goods and services is determined at the discretion of the Site Administration.

4.2 The price of goods and services does not include fees charged by payment systems that are used to make payment.

4.3 The basis for payment of the cost of goods or services is the Customer's Order.

4.4 Payment for the cost of goods or services shall be made by the Client by the methods established in accordance with the technical and technological device of the Site and specified on it.

4.5 Payment for Goods or Services shall be made by the Customer on conditions of 100% (one hundred percent) advance payment.

4.6 The date of payment shall be the date of receipt of funds by the Site Administration.

4.7. The Website Administration has the right to unilaterally change the cost of Goods by publishing the new cost of Goods on the Website without explaining the reasons and without prior notice to Clients.

4.8. The Site Administration has the right to establish a minimum value for a particular Product.

  1. The order of purchase and transfer of goods to the customer

5.1 Purchase of Goods by the Customer shall be carried out in the following sequence:

5.1.1 The Customer chooses the Goods from the list of Goods offered on the Website, and clicks the "Buy" button on the web page with the description of the corresponding Goods.

5.1.2 The choice of the method of payment and other accompanying actions necessary in connection with the requirements of the relevant selected payment system.

5.1.3 Transfer of Goods to the Customer is made by sending an email with the data to the Email specified by the Customer

5.2 The transfer of Goods to the Client is made only on condition of its 100% (one hundred percent) advance payment by the Client.

5.3 The Website Administration is considered to have fulfilled its obligations under this Offer from the moment of sending an e-mail to the Client.

  1. Customer Claims

6.1 The Client undertakes to familiarize himself with the Goods and Services on the Website as much as possible before purchasing them, in particular to study the description published on the corresponding web page. Claims related to and conditioned by the Customer's failure to familiarize with the description of the Goods are not accepted by the Website Administration and are subject to rejection.

6.2 The Parties hereby stipulate that the Customer shall check the quality of the Goods and make claims in the specified part within 20 (twenty) minutes from the moment of receipt of the Goods by the Customer. This time is enough to check the correctness of the data for authorization in the Game account and on the Email of this account. After the specified time has expired, any claims from the Customer shall not be accepted and shall be rejected.

6.3 Claims of clients for rating upgrade services will not be accepted if:

6.3.1 Заказ имеет статус «Выполнен» (Рейтинг Faceit поднят до конечного с отклонением в +\- 15 единиц)

6.3.2 The deadline for service provision including additional days is not exceeded

6.3.3 Client violated the terms of the User Agreement

6.6 The procedure for resolving other claims and complaints of the Client may be set forth in the text of this User Agreement.

Liability of the parties

7.1 The Website Administration is not financially responsible for the Goods/Service purchased by the Client from the moment of purchase and completion of the order.

7.2. Site Administration is not responsible for the game values on the Client's account.

7.3 The Goods purchased by the Client are provided according to the "as is" principle. In this case, the Administration of the Website does not bear any responsibility for the inconsistency of the Goods with the goals, objectives, ideas or desires of the Client.

7.4 Nothing in this User Agreement can guarantee for the Customer the full satisfaction of his interests and needs related to the purchase of Goods or Service.

7.5. The Website Administration is not responsible for losses and expenses incurred by the Client, in particular:

7.5.1. losses and expenses caused by the actions/inaction of third parties.

7.5.2. losses and expenses incurred in connection with failures and interruptions of the Site.

7.5.3. losses and expenses incurred due to the effects of computer viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.

7.5.4. losses and costs associated with the blocking of the user using the Product/Service after the sale, regardless of the reason for the blocking.

7.6. The Website Administration is not responsible for the loss of the Client's data on the Game Account, and is not responsible for any negative consequences arising from and related to such a loss.

7.7. The site mediates the sale of game accounts and is not responsible for the loss and/or improper quality of the goods.

8. Terms of purchase and use of "Rank Boost", "Victory Boost" "ESEA Boost", "Faceit Boost", "Faceit Boost", "Danger zone Boost"

8.1 When pumping the game account, the Client undertakes not to interfere with the Executor's work:

8.1.1 Launching applications while the performer is working

8.1.2 Game in the paid mode, i.e. the one that corresponds to the executed order

8.1.3 And in other ways not described in this agreement, which will lead to difficulties of technical or other nature for the executor

8.2 The Client undertakes to notify the Executor in advance (at least 24 hours in advance) about the time/intervals when the game account will be unavailable for the Executor.

8.2.1 Время\Промежутки времени недоступности аккаунта для Исполнителя не могут превышать 10 часов в неделю

8.3 When ordering the additional service of joint play (game in the lobby) the Client agrees to agree on convenient days and hours by local time for joint work.

8.3.1 The minimum continuous boost time may not be less than 2 hours

8.3.2 Terms of use of the additional service "Boost in the lobby" and others do not exclude compliance with the rules of the account specified in the User Agreement

8.3.3 The conscientious game (lobby game) must be stopped and forced to direct boost, if the game statistics of the client, on the totality of 3 games is less than or equal to 0.65 "KD" KD - In-game acronym for Kills/Deaths, which indicates the ratio of kills to deaths Recalculation of paid funds in the case of differences between the cost of services is not made

8.3.4 In case of violation of the agreed time of joint games, on the part of the client. Клиент обязуется передать свой аккаунт для исполнения работ на “прямой буст” без пересчета стоимости или итогового рейтинга

8.3.6 Joint games (Boost in the lobby) are held according to the Boost schedule, but not less than 10 games in the last 4 days In the case when the Client, for any reason, violates the minimum allowable value, the executor has the right to request the transfer of the order to the "direct boost"

8.3.7 Rescheduling of joint games can be initiated by the client once, for a period not exceeding 72 hours 

8.3.8 The client undertakes to notify the performer of the postponement at least 3 hours before the agreed time

8.3.9 Boost in the lobby is only possible if the performer has an account with a suitable rank/rating for the order, otherwise the order will be suspended until the necessary account appears. The performer undertakes to take all measures to find a suitable account and complete the order as soon as possible The Client has the right to request an order transfer to a "direct booster" with a full recalculation of the final rating/title or otherwise if the order has not been started.

8.3.10 If a low "Trust Factor" is detected by the available methods, the order will be suspended for 7 days The Client undertakes to take measures known to him to improve the value of the "Trust Factor" The Administration is obliged to advise the Client on known ways to increase the value of the "Trust Factor" If the Trust Factor is still rated "low" after 7 days, the order will be closed and the balance of unused funds will be transferred to the internal account of the site.

8.4 Client agrees not to spread information about the fact of his account booster, if it could lead to the blocking of participants in the process (Platform Faceit / ESEA)

8.5 The Executor undertakes to take all necessary precautions for the safety of the client's account, using VPN services and other methods

8.6 The client and the performer undertake to behave courteously to each other, otherwise the "offending party" will be sanctioned by the administration, at its discretion

8.7 Means of contact between the Contractor and the Client are represented only by the built-in chat in each specific order personal account, other attempts of communication, not agreed with the administration, may lead to the cancellation of the order, without refunds.

8.8 The terms of performance of any order are defined by the Executor, in case the Client does not agree with the terms of performance of work, he is obliged to send a motivated letter to the Executor by means of online chat, as well as administration by one of the available communication channels. The deadline for submitting such a letter shall not exceed 24 hours from the moment of setting the deadline by the Executor of the order.

8.9 Victory Boost - A type of boosting game account cs go, where the measurement of the result of progress is counted by the number of victories

8.10 Winning Boost does not guarantee a 100% winning streak, the contractor is obligated to win 65 to 100% of the games if the order consists of at least 3 wins

8.11 Playing against an opponent using third-party software to gain an illegal advantage is not considered a loss

8.12 The Executor undertakes to make every effort to win each particular game with the exception of paragraph 8.11

8.13 Lack of prime status makes the boost impossible for any orders in competitive mode

8.14 If the client, for whatever reason, paid for the order without a prime rate, the order will be canceled and the funds will be transferred to the account of the site

9 Terms of purchase and use of the "Commend boost" service

9.1 Commends boost- Service offers to increase the number of positive in-game recommendations in the game cs go

9.2 Timing of the service - up to 10 days

9.3 The customer undertakes to follow the instructions for the execution of the order

9.4 Administration guarantees the accrual of paid recommendations in the amount not differing in the lesser side by more than 10% from the number described in the order

9.5 The administration does not guarantee a change in the "Trust Level" for the ordered volume of likes, since the rating system is hidden

10 Terms of purchase and use of the "Game Learning" service

10.1 Game Training - A service aimed at transferring game knowledge and skills that can improve the client's game performance

10.2 The Executor and the Client undertake to agree on a time for joint lessons, at least 24 hours before the actual meeting

10.3 Postponement of training can be initiated by the client once, for a period not exceeding 72 hours

10.4 The client is obliged to notify the executor of the postponement at least 3 hours before the agreed time.

10.5 Missing the paid lesson without a valid reason (including technical) by the Executor is an infringement which is followed by a compensation in the form of free, additional training time. In case the Client misses the lesson without a valid reason, sanctions will be imposed in the form of cancellation of the order without a refund or write-off of the spent time of the lesson.

10.6 The Customer and the Provider undertake to behave courteously to each other, otherwise the order may be canceled by decision of the Administration

  1. Terms of purchase and use of the service "Hours Boost"

11.1 Hours Boosting - the service includes the connection of the Client's game account to the specialized software running on the Administration's servers, the results of which are to increase the value of the game hours statistics of a particular account

11.2 Hour boosting is provided only on terms of full voluntary transfer of the account, without disabling STEAM GUARD protection

11.3 Changing the type of protection Steam guard, the password of the game account or reset access, always lead to the disabling of the bot, with the need to manually reconnect the account, in this case the service is not responsible for downtime bot and not credited hours

11.4 Accrual of hours occurs in real time, by artificially running the Program of your choice list of games

11.4.1 The client agrees that the choice of "off-line" mode can lead to unstable and even incorrect accrual of game hours in the statistics

11.5 By purchasing this or that tariff of the boost hours, you rent time of work of the bot for the term specified in service The total accrued game hours may be different from the declared, due to downtime on the part of STEAM or your game sessions or other reasons that caused the stoppage of the software on your account

11.6 Tariffs with indefinite time of operation, such as "Maximum", "Forever" have technical limitations on the subscription time, namely the real limit of 2082 days. The Client has the right to apply for renewal of this tariff on a free basis, within 5 calendar days from the end of the current subscription.

11.6.1 The tariff can not be renewed, extended, if there is no technical possibility to provide the service 

12 Additional services

12.1 Expedited Boost - Additional service that raises the priority of the order to a higher priority than other orders that do not have this service

12.2 Lobby Boost / Boost without transferring an Account - Additional service that allows you to play in a group with the performer himself

12.3 Plus One Win - An additional service that guarantees one win after the main part of the order is completed

12.4 “Накрутка” комментариев в Steam – Услуга позволяет получить комментарии на указанный клиентом steam профиль, от реальных игроков

12.4.1 Кол-во возможно отправленных комментариев с уникальных аккаунтов ограничено максимально доступным тарифом. При заказе большего кол-ва комментариев, профили отправители могут повторяться

13 Validity of the User Agreement

13.1. Public Agreement comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Internet at the Website specified in paragraph 1.1.1. of this Offer.

13.2. This Offer is posted for an indefinite period and becomes invalid upon cancellation by the Website Administration.

13.3. In case any changes are made to the Offer, such changes shall become effective from the date of publication of the new edition of the Offer on the Website, if other effective date is not additionally defined at the time of their publication. The Website Administration has the right to unilaterally amend the text of the Offer.

13.4. The Client undertakes to independently control changes in the provisions of this Offer and bears responsibility and negative consequences associated with non-compliance with this obligation.

13.5 If the Client does not agree with the relevant changes, the Client shall stop using the Website and refuse the services provided by the Administration of the Website. Otherwise, the Client's continued use of the Website means that the Client agrees to the terms of the Offer in the new edition.

13.6. The current version of the Offer is located on the Website at: fastgg.net/agreement