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Restore trust factor in cs go - Hundreds of commends from real players

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🔥We have completely upgraded the system of commends boost, now you can scroll likes 24/7 whenever you want on our dedicated server🔥

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Answering the questions

How does the system of Commends CSGO work?

Commends boost on your account works very simply and transparently 🙂 🙂

  • By placing an order for the required number of commends you will receive a balance on our server, where you can at any convenient time nakrukul praise

Why do I need the likes?

Commens in cs go, serves not only as an indicator of the status of "coolness" of your account, but also noticeably affects the level of trust factor

Just as reposts negatively affect your account, likes help restore your trust level and help you get back to normal play without cheaters and trolls in the lobby

What guarantees that the account won't be stolen or banned?

For the boost likes, you do not need to transfer your account, just log on to our server

And the praise boost process itself does not violate the terms of steam, we only send praise to your account from real game accounts like yours