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Clarification of the CS2 ranking system

CS2 has two different ranking systems for ranks: competitive ranks and CS ranking in premier mode. In competitive mode, players now have a rank (from Silver 1 to Global Elite) for each map.
In premier mode, players will receive a number between 1,500 and 35,000 after winning 10 qualifying matches; this is their CS rating. This value changes after each match, and this number is always visible. In premier mode, players cannot choose which maps they want to play on; the map to be played on is determined during the pick/ban phase.

In Counter-Strike 2, Valve is putting a lot of emphasis on Premier Mode as the primary mode of competitive play. This mode is not new to the franchise, but in CS2 it has its own ranking system based on numbers rather than the usual ranks, which means that ranks in CS2 will look rather unusual.

CS2 rating system

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of ranks in CS2. These are your rank in competitive mode, and your so-called "CS rank" in premier mode. In competitive mode (where you can choose the maps you want to play on) you still get the old ranks like in CS:GO, but in Premier mode your rank is replaced by a number.

CS2 Competition Ranks

CS2's Competition Mode allows you to choose which maps you want to queue up for. This means that, unlike Premier Mode (where there is a pick and ban system and you can end up on any map from the competitive map pool), you can simply choose not to play on maps that you don't know or aren't as good. on. In CS2, each map has a different rank. This means that players who queue only Mirage, for example, can be Global Elite on Mirage and Silver IV on Nuke. This change was made so that players who "cheat" a certain map don't have to play against high ranked players on maps they almost never play. In addition, this new system is also a great way for players to familiarize themselves with new maps. If you belong to the global elite, for example, took a short break from the game and came back to the game when some new maps were added, you won't have to play against top tier players. when you are just learning the angles and designations of these new maps. This should provide more competitive matches in competitive mode.

CS2 Competition Mode Ranks

  • Silver I, Silver 1.
  • Silver II, Silver II.
  • Silver III, Silver-3
  • Silver IV, Silver IV.
  • Silver Elite, Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master, Silver Elite Master.
  • Gold Nova I, Gold Star One.
  • Gold Nova II, Gold Star II.
  • Gold Nova III, Gold Star III.
  • Gold Nova Master, Gold Star Master.
  • Master Guardian I, Master Guardian I.
  • Master Guardian II, Master Guardian II.
  • Master Guardian Elite, Master Guardian Elite.
  • Distinguished Master Guardian, Distinguished Master Guardian.
  • Legendary Eagle, Legendary Berkut.
  • Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Berkut Magister.
  • Supreme Master First Class, Grand Master of the Highest Rank.
  • The Global Elite, The Global Elite

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Approximate ratio of CS2 ranks in the premier and ranking system:

Silver 1 - Silver Grand Master | 0-1999 rating

Gold Star 1 - Gold Star Master | 2000 - 5999 rating

Master Guardian-1 - Master Guardian-Elite | 6000-8999 rating

Distinguished Guardian Magister Legendary Berkut Magister | 9000 - 12999

Grand Master of the Highest Rank | 13000 - 14999 rating

World elite | 15000+ rating

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