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Do you want to improve your Valorant shooting? Do you want everyone to marvel at your aim?

But no matter how many Desmatches you play, how much you practice your shooting and you still end up with nothing?

Then, we'll share 4 important tips from Valorant pro players on why your aim can be terrible!

First reason: You are mistaken and do not shoot with a "calm aim" (calm aim)

calm aim Valorant

You can find hundreds of videos on YouTube about using "Calm aim" - but what it really is, we're going to explain a little more about it.

You only need to adhere to 2 principles to properly utilize the calm shooting technique:

  1. Stop before firing.
  2. Shoot only when the scope is already on your target.

If you learn to follow these 2 simple rules, you will have already improved your shooting level dramatically.

The reason for using these two important principles is that if you start shooting at a target before it appears in your scope, you will lose the accuracy of your first bullets and they will fly "into the milk".
In this case you have to stop your shooting and start shooting again, and at this point you may already be killed. Or stick to the technique described above - the sight is already on the enemy, you are standing, so you can shoot!

Practice #1: Mastering calm shooting

Quiet shooting - A key skill for improving accuracy in Valorant. This training method will help you master this technique.

Steps for practicing:

1. **Select a position**: Take a comfortable position on the shooting range, at a reasonable distance from the targets.
2. **Focus on Target**: Choose two targets and alternate shots between them, aiming for the head.
3. **Firing Control**: While standing still, focus on the trajectory of the bullet and your reaction speed after each flick.

Analysis and Adjustment:

If you notice that your second shot doesn't hit the target, you may be in a hurry. Evaluate your timing and adapt to it by using this training method to improve your performance.

This approach will not only improve your shooting, but will also help you develop the ability to react quickly and accurately to changes in the game.

Second reason: Errors in checking angles

Errors when checking angles - A common problem among beginner Valorant players, which can significantly reduce their effectiveness in the game. Most players (over 90%) at low ranks face this problem without even realizing it.

How to properly check angles:

Take your time: When checking corners, it is important to take your time and not miss potential places where the enemy may be hiding.
Strifes: Use Streaks to check corners - move to the opposite side of the corner you are checking to gradually open up your line of sight and be ready to meet the enemy.


To get used to checking angles correctly, try the following exercise at the shooting range:
1. Select two points to alternate between.
2. Stand still and shoot at targets, switching between them.
3. Focus on taking your time and controlling each shot.

This exercise will help you develop your flick shooting skill and teach you how to react properly after a stretch, which will improve your accuracy and reaction speed.

Training Method #2

A variation of practicing proper corner chasing, is extremely simple. We stand on the shooting range behind this beam and start moving A+D and shooting one bot per head.
You'll be trained to shoot as quickly as possible after strafing, and you'll also be trained to take corners correctly, realizing that there might be an enemy there and therefore reacting faster to shoot.

The third reason: aiming against the target.

Very complicated name in practice, but there is no other explanation in Russian=)
The problem with so many players is that they can't focus on anything in particular: either the scope or the enemy.

Players are divided into 2 camps, someone usually pays attention to the enemy and then intuitively brings the scope to him and shoots, or starts shooting early (back to problem #1).
The second camp is ALWAYS oriented by the scope. As soon as the enemy is in the scope, that's when you shoot. No prefires, only as soon as the enemy appears in the cursor and you are not in motion, then you can shoot.

In most cases it is the scope that you should be oriented to and try to pick corners with the scope, rather than looking for modeling on the screen.
But, when you have close combat or slightly less than average, then there is no time and concentration to look at the scope, the kill zone is larger and there is less time to react, in such cases it is common to look at the target and intuitively start to clip.

Fourth reason: ignoring weapon mechanics

For some reason, many players completely ignore the different mechanics of each weapon, and they are different, sometimes even very different. The main things to pay attention to are:

  • The spread of the first bullet;
  • The type of recoil in a weapon;
  • Weapon Reload Time;

Each weapon has its own features and limits, knowing them will make it easier for you to navigate the game.

One of the most common causes of medium to long range shooting is when a player doesn't understand how the first bullet on their weapon is fired and either sprays incorrectly or shoots with a huge spread.

For example, player Royalg understands how the "Classic" gun works and was able to take Immortal with it and all this on his streamers! Many players in general do not understand how this gun works, and the streamer took the highest rank, playing only on it, while showing very good results.
The main reason is that Royalg fully understands how this weapon works. He understands the spread, the frequency of firing, and many other nuances.


You can train aim as much as you want, but you should not forget that you need to understand the basic aspects of the game. As long as you personally think that you lack the skill to win shootouts in most cases, as long as you have not reached a high rank and do not feel confident, then in addition to shooting, train these basic aspects.
Try to improve your prefares, run around the map checking every corner while focusing on the scope and shoot, remembering to stop at the same time. Success in your endeavors!

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