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Valorant - is a tactical first-person shooter, which is very similar to Counter-Strike, but has a number of its own subtleties and features. Unlike the same CS, here there are agents with a unique set of skills, these agents also need to be unlocked (bought for in-game currency), or you can have all operatives at once, if you have connected XBOX GAME PASS.

Rules of the game

In general, the rules of the game are identical to Counter Strike, you need to put a bomb (spike) and wait for it to explode, or on the contrary undefuse this bomb or do not give her put, a direct analogy of T and CT from CS2. With the game is conducted up to 13 rounds, who won 13 rounds total, for that team and the victory.

In each match you will have 5 players for 2 teams. Before the battle itself, players can choose from the agents available to them, each with 3 unique skills and one ultimatum. In one match CANNOT. to be two identical agents on the same team!

Before the start of each round players will receive a certain amount of game currency, here unlike CS2, you can always look at your economy and understand how many coins will be on the next round. For credits you buy weapons and armor, as well as you can buy 1 of 3 unique skills and it will be with you until you spend it, then you have to buy it again.

Game Tips

Never forget to buy a shield. Sometimes you can get a "light shield" instead of a "heavy shield", it will save you from many vanshots and will also lower the hit to the body by 70%, but it won't save you from a hit to the head.

A light shield gives you 25 armor units, and a heavy shield gives you 50 armor units. It is recommended to buy a shield first, and build your further game plan around it. Also do not forget that you can request weapons from your teammates, or buy them yourself, according to their requests in the store.

Shift is the key to success!

Don't forget to use the silent walk button Shift, it will save your life many times. The game mechanics also allow you to silently climb up the rope, etc.

Knife - more speed!

As in CS and many other shooters, if you pick up a knife instead of your other weapon, your movement speed increases. This will often help you to quickly escape from a firefight or vice versa to reach it. But do not forget that in dangerous places you should not run only with a knife, the enemy may be waiting for you!

Use your ulta wisely

Each of the agents has a different ultimatum skill that can be used immediately after getting it. But it is worth considering whether it makes sense to use it right away.

First of all, you should understand how much your skill is useful to you or the team, and then make a decision whether to use it or not. There are many agents whose ultimates are used almost immediately. For example, revive or reveal the position of opponents, will give a lot for your team, but the attacking ultimates you can simply and lose dying after pressing it.

Open new agents

Getting agents is now quite simplified, you only need to collect game currency and with it you can buy any agent you like.

Choose your play style, try out different characters, maybe on a certain one you feel more comfortable and useful for the team!


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