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Riot has created a pretty complex ranking system in Valorant. We've gathered all the information you need about Valorant's ranking system here to help you understand how you can raise your level in Riot's popular free-to-play first-person shooter.

This guide is divided into two parts:

The first part covers the basics of how ranks work in Valorant. Part two covers the MMR and RR systems that Riot likes to make tricky in their games. Starting now 🙂

How to open the competition mode in Valorante?


You need to reach at least level 20 (game profile) to access the competitive mode in Valorant

One Account Level equals 5000 AP (Account Points), so you need to reach 95000 AP to access ranked play.

If your goal is to access the Competitive Play Mode in Valorant as soon as possible, it's important to choose the best modes to gain Points (AP) quickly. You will need to choose between unranked games and Spike Rush mode.

If you are a beginner and want to master the basics of the game, it is recommended to start with unrated games. This mode will allow you to delve into the mechanics of the game, without the pressure of a rating. It is ideal for learning.

An alternative is the "Spike Rush" mode, which also brings AP but offers a shorter game experience. This mode is suitable if you have limited time or want to diversify your experience in Valorant.

So, let's take a look at what kind of experience you get for playing in these modes:

  • Unrated Games: You can earn a certain number of Account Points (AP) per unrated game, which will help you raise your Profile Level. This is usually around 1000 AP per match, but this can vary depending on your performance in the game.
  • Spike Rush: Spike Rush mode is faster and less formal than unrated games. You will get less AP for playing Spike Rush, about 200-300 AP, but the game is shorter and more intense.

If you plan to play for about 3 hours each day, you can probably reach Profile Level 20 in about a week, taking into account the accumulation of Account Points from the various modes. Choose a mode depending on your goals and the time you are willing to invest in the game.

Ranks in Valorante



Ranks  Average Top % from all players
Iron 1 100%
Iron 2 99.9%
Iron 3 98.4%
Bronze 1 92.9%
Bronze 2 87.8%
Bronze 3 80.3%
Silver 1 73.2%
Silver 2 63.9%
Silver 3 56.2%
Gold 1 48.6%
Gold 2 41%
Gold 3 34.2%
Platinum 1 27.9%
Platinum 2 21.9%
Platinum 3 17%
Diamond 1 12.7%
Diamond 2 8.7%
Diamond 3 5.9%
Ascendant 1 3.9%
Ascendant 2 2.3%
Ascendant 3 1.3%
Immortal 1 0.7%
Immortal 2 0.3%
Immortal 3 0.1%
Radiant Top 500 Total Server


How do I raise my rank in Valorante?

To progress to higher ranks in Valorant, it is important to understand the mechanics of RR (Rating Points). RRs are the units of progress that determine your rank in the game.

When you have reached the level that allows you to participate in the Competitive Play Mode, the first step is to play five placename matches. The outcome of these matches will determine your starting rank. However, you will need to accumulate 100 RR points to advance to the next ranks.

So how do you earn these RR points? RR points depend on the results of your matches. Winning a ranked match will earn you a certain number of RR points, usually between 10 and 50. However, if the match ends in defeat, you will lose a similar number of points.

It's important to note here that Valorant also takes into account the difference in team ratings. If your team has a lower rating, you will get more RR points for a win, and conversely, less for a loss. This dynamic allows for a more accurate reflection of your actual ability in the game.

Now let's take a look at the visual aspect. In the main menu, by going to the "Career" section, you will be able to track your rank progress. See the bar below the icon of your current rank? When that bar fills up, you'll automatically advance to the next rank. Note that this works the other way around as well: if the bar gets low, you will be demoted.


What is Act Rank in Valorant?

Act Rank is an icon that shows your highest rank and the number of victories you managed to achieve during a certain act.

Radiant act rank Great for showing off your skills | © Riot Games

It should be noted that this has no effect on the matchmaking process; it is essentially a "ranked keychain". For example, if you reach the rank of Immortal but lose so many matches that you drop to Platinum, you will still play with Platinum players.


Rank Loss (Zeroing)

Valorant does not have a rank loss system. However, if you do not play a single game in Competitive Play Mode for more than 14 days, your rank will not appear in your profile (hidden). However, after one match you will get it again.

Don't forget that the longer you don't play with a hidden rank, the more likely you are to get a rank drop, after 1 game (a win)

Resetting Rank

Your rank will reset at the start of each season (episode) in Valrant , essentially happening every six months. Usually after your first ranked game in a new Episode, you will receive a rank that is 3-4 ranks lower; Riot considers this an opportunity for players to "prove their abilities".

Rating System in Valorant: Understanding MMR and RR

For those seeking to understand how the rating system works in Valorant, let's take a closer look at the mechanics of MMR and RR. If you're familiar with League of Legends, you can say that these systems are similar to the combination of MMR and LP in LoL. For those who are new, let's present everything in terms of understandable steps:

MMR in Valorant: Explanation

Let's say your rank doesn't always accurately reflect your true skill in the game. The most important indicator of your skill is your MMR (Matchmaking Rating), which is based on your performance and skills in competitive matches. Interestingly, the exact value of your MMR remains hidden - you won't see it anywhere.

So how does this affect your experience in ranked games? And that's where the RR system comes in.

Explanation of the RR system in Valorant

Remember that after each game you earn or lose RR points, right? The value of these points is related to your MMR.

When your MMR is higher, you will get more RR points for winning, and less of them will be lost when you lose. This is one of the key reasons why some players, including professional players, create new accounts. With a low MMR, the climb up the rankings seems endless, so they prefer to start from scratch to earn more RR per game.

Ultimately, understanding this important relationship between MMR and RR will help you make more informed decisions in your journey to the top of the rating ladder at Valorant.

Also you can always order a boost of your valorant rank with us View Prices - We're always happy to help raise your rank and make the game more enjoyable 🙂

The difference between MMR and RR: Plain and Simple

Let's understand together how the rating system works, specifically between MMR and RR, using clear examples:

MMR (Matchmaking Rating) - This is your "game-wide rating". You don't see it, but it's there. It never resets and is with you throughout your playing career. The only way to increase it is to win matches. So if you want to raise it, it's worth the effort and get a few wins in a row, or, if you're really serious, you can create a new account and start from scratch. (Or contact us for a boost, so you don't lose your account).

RR Points (Ranking Rating Points) - These are the so-called "ranking points". To raise your rank, you need to accumulate 100 of these points. The number of points you get after a match is directly related to your MMR.

If your MMR is high, you will get more RR points for winning and lose less when you lose. If your MMR is low, you will get less RR points for winning and lose a lot when you lose.

So, with an understanding of the importance of MMR and the impact of RR on your rank, you can make more informed decisions in pursuit of higher rankings in the Valorant world.


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