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CS2 Wingman Boost Calculator

Use the calculator to place your order
  • Current rating
  • Silver - I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV
  • Silver is the elite
  • Silver is the Grand Master
  • Gold Star I
  • Gold Star II
  • Gold Star III
  • Gold Star Master
  • Master Keeper - I
  • Master Keeper - II
  • The Master Keeper is the elite
  • The honored Master Keeper
  • The legendary golden eagle
  • The legendary golden eagle is a master
  • Grand Master of the highest rank
  • Global elite
  • Current rating
  • 1 Victory
  • 2 Victory
  • 3 Victory
  • 4 Victory
  • 5 Victories
  • 6 Victories
  • 7 Victories
  • 8 Victories
  • 9 Victories
  • 10 Victories
Current rating
Num of victories
Priority status of the order, the performer will be found faster, and the number of games per day will be increased
Let's put the offline status in the styme.
Payable to: Select your current rating and desired number of wins

How does it work?

Pre-boost steps

1. Select a service

Using the calculator, select your current and desired rank in CS2

2. place an order

When placing an order, please specify your email address to which you will receive a payment check to start the work

3. Fill in the data

Fill in your details at checkout or arrange a convenient time for the boost (if boosting in the lobby)

4. Start boosting your account

That's it, these simple points will get you started on your order in just 5 minutes 🙂

Feedback from our customers

We do our best to provide our customers with the best service possible

Oleg Haha

After the update of the clockwork scrolling everything is TOP! Now I can control the scrolling normally through the Discord bot

Source of Review

Hello Kitty

Ordered a boost praise,did everything quickly and clearly, all clearly explain, at any convenient time will do. Good luck to you and thank you!

Source of Review

Eugene Rogovsky

Ordered a rank boost. At first it was not clear what to do, but the instructions to help). Had to wait, 2.5-3 days to fulfill the order. The result at the end of the excellent! Not in vain waited)))

Source of Review

Kirill Grubinka

Not the first time I use this service, and as always, the work is done perfectly. I advise everyone. And even if you are thinking about whether or not to take it - take it, you won't regret it.

Source of Review

Marat Akhmadullin

Ordered praise, everything is clear and fast. +REP

Source of Review

Ivan A.

Thank you very much to the service ! In 7 days from 4 stars to lema ! Top service

Source of Review

Sergey A.

It seems like the booster is done, but the booster initially rebounded at -100 elo, then went up to 150 in 2 days. It turned out to be longer than I thought 🙁

Source of Review


Boost likes worked well, I want a review bonus =)

Source of Review

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