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Convenient and fast boost in 2vs2 mode, from professional players cs go. You get access to your personal dashboard, where you will be able to monitor the progress.

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Your account remains under full control at all times

Steam Guard

All work is done without disabling the protection of the mobile application steam - your account is always safe


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Our team works for you and we are always happy to help with any issue, just email us 🙂


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Fast boost

A well-established and automated system, allows you to maintain a high rate of boost up to 3 ranks per day

Буст Напарники КС ГО 45


Personal dashboard for tracking the progress of work


Use your personal dashboard to get all the statistics, screenshots of the boost and communicate with the performer

PRO Players

Pro Players of the Faceit League are at your service

Pro Players

We collaborate with professional cs go Faceit players, which means you get the best service and statistics


We play in offline mode, no one will know

Hidden mode

The entire boosting process takes place in "off-line" mode with all safety precautions respected

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How does the rank boost work?

After placing an order, the performer will log into your Steam account and will raise your rank with a series of victories or will play with you in the group (lobby).
The whole process takes a little time and you can always monitor the progress of work from your personal dashboard 

Can I play by myself?

Yes, of course you can. To do this, select the item "Lobby boost" at checkout 
After registration, the performer will agree on the time to play that is convenient for you and then you can start the boost.

Is Boost safe in cs go?

You don't need to worry about your account, the entire boost takes place without the use of third-party software by players of the Faceit professional league, as well as that, steam guard protection always remains activated.