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Enhance your stats? - Stim hours boosting is a versatile and convenient service for boosting your stats. On up to 32 games and play yourself

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>> Tariffs Hours Boost

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5 days
2$ /120 Hours
  • 3 games
  • 120 hours
  • Protection
  • No Links
  • Game Change
  • Custom game name
  • Online / Offline
  • Switching Accounts


125 days
195р /3000 hours
  • 10 games
  • 3000 hours
  • Protection
  • No Links
  • Game Change
  • Custom game name
  • Online / Offline
  • Changing Accounts


420 days
375р /10.000 hours
  • 20 games
  • 10.000 Hours
  • Protection
  • No Links
  • Game Change
  • Custom game name
  • Online / Offline
  • Changing Accounts

>> The benefits of the service


Without disabling protection

Steam guard

Hour Boost does not require you to disable protection - you always have control over your account


We will help you solve any of your questions

We're always here for you

Our team works for you and we are always happy to help with any issue, just email us 🙂


All games run simultaneously

Fast boost

Our bot runs all the games at once, so the statistics will be updated everywhere at once

hourboost 46


Dashboard to track the progress of work


Using a personal account you can freely manage your order, add / delete games, etc.


The bot works on our server

Own server

We buy expensive Google servers for high-quality and stable operation of hour boost service.


Boost in offline mode

Hidden mode

You can toggle on the "offline" mode, so that no one can see that your account is in-game

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>> FAQ

How does the Hour Boost work?

Hour boost works remotely on our server. Our bot connects to your account and boosts hours in selected games. And you also do not need to turn off the protection of steam guard

Boost works for all of your selected games at once i.e if you choose 20 games, then the amount of hours played will be boosted simultaneously, not in turn.

Also, the bot works on the principle of "time rental" - by ordering a hour boost for 3000 hours, the bot will work exactly the right number of days, and the credit of hours depends on your game activity on the account (when you are in-game, the bot does not work and waiting for you to exit from the game)

Can I play by myself?

Yes, of course. During the hour boost you can play whatever you want and whenever you want. Use your account as you did before

When you run the game, the bot will be disconnected from the the session, and then after the end of your gaming session, it will reconnect

Is it safe?

Hour boost does not violate the Steam user agreement and is completely legal. In fact, the bot runs the selected games for you and thereby gains hours on them. You will never get banned for something like this