Guarantees FastGG

Still have doubts? We will be happy to tell you why working with FastGG is actually so safe

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>> Attestation in payment services

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We work officially, so we have been identified and signed agreements with payment aggregators enot io and free-kassa, as well as have identified wallets qiwi, yoomoney, webmoney

This means that we have provided all the necessary documents (passport data, INN, bank accounts, etc.).
And as passed a full check by the security service of each of the aggregators

>> Account and inventory security

To perform the boost directly from your account, you do not need to disable the protection of the mobile application steam guard.
Any actions to transfer or sell items requires confirmation of the mobile app, and the same applies to changing account details.

On the server side, we use double encryption method and no one will be able to access your account

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>> Responsive customer service

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From the first day of the project, the main goal was the high quality of service 

Be sure that if you refer to any question or problem, you will get a quick, friendly and informative answer / solution.

That’s why so many customers fell in love with our service and come back again

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