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Boost comments in steam, does not require an account transfer, just open a profile 🙂


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Our team works for you and we are always happy to help with any issue, just email us 🙂


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Comments in Steam are available to everyone, decorate your profile for a minimal price


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We only use real player accounts to add comments, no pacifiers


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No one

All recruitment will be done anonymously, we do not publish any of your data

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How do I get commends?

In order to sending comments, we need that you have an open steam profile, a link to the profile, As ask you to choose which comments you want to receive, you can choose from a preset list or send your own

Can I choose which comments I want?

Yes, of course, we will offer you a choice from a variety of pre-packaged commentary options, or suggest that you make such a list
Even pre-made lists are completely unique and you won't have the same comments

Is it safe?

boosting comments is completely safe, we use real accounts of players who have given their consent