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How does the service work?

Working since 2015

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Answering the questions

How does the boost system work in Valorant?

Rank boost in Valorant is possible directly from the account and in the lobby.
In a direct boost, the performer will log into your account and with a series of wins, raise the desired rank. 
Lobby Boost is a type of boost when you play from your account without passing it to anyone

After placing an order on the website, you will get access to a personal dashboard, where you can configure all the parameters of the boost, agree on a time convenient for you and just chat with the performer. 

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on offering the best service to our customers, genuinely value every player and strive to provide the best experience while working with us.

  • Successfully operating since 2015 
  • We cooperate only with professional Faceit players who have passed security checks (All players are of Radiant rank)
  • The cost of the boost remains one of the most affordable on the market

Bottom line, you will get a quick boost from a professional player for the most reasonable price possible

What guarantee is there that the account won't be stolen?

Well aware of the value of your account, we have designed a system where you will not need to disable 2fa account protection for the duration of the work, whether it be x go or Valorant boost.
This means that access to your account and settings remains solely in your hands.  

How fast will I get my rank up?

Boost speed is highly dependent on your current rating and statistics, we take this indicator very seriously. Our performers are high class players who are able to raise your rating in minimum time.
For example, a standard boost takes about 48 hours

Can I be blocked for boosting?

Despite the small risk, we pride ourselves on our clients not having lockouts. We take the issue of safe boosting very seriously, and our performers are experienced and proven players