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How to raise the level of Trust Factor (Trust Level) in kc 2?

Earlier, we wrote an article about Trust FactorBut we believe that it should be supplemented with new information and details for a better understanding of the players, about the mechanism of the Trust Factor and, most importantly, about how to keep it at a normal level.

Trust Factor - This is a complex indicator of the goodness of your account, which includes in its evaluation many modules such as: Reps, likes, account activity in styme, whether your friends are blocked, and many more items, the main ones of which we will write about next.
It is important to realize that without a good Trust factor, the game becomes a torment.

What lowers your Trust Factor?

Any blockages

If your account has a lockout, even in another game, it significantly lowers your trust level and it is extremely difficult to fix this kind of situation.

Your friends

Strange as it may seem, the system evaluates if your friends are blocked and we strongly recommend that you unfriend users who are blocked. We will go even further and recommend to remove suspicious players from your friends in advance, with whom you have played and are not sure of their honesty, because the system evaluates your joint matches.

Account activity

Low gaming activity of the account significantly reduces the level of trust and it is not just about cs 2. It is important that you run and other games, communicating in the chat styma, leave comments, in general increase the activity on the whole site

New account

You can't have a high trust factor on a brand new account. This does not mean that you cannot have a green trust factor, but you will be playing mostly against the same new accounts. The evaluation is based on the date of registration as well as on the number of matches, experience and medal levels

Voting for the CIC

It's kind of weird, but by creating a vote and supporting participation in it (by voting FOR kicking a player) you are significantly lowering the level of trust. Probably the system is aimed at identifying players who abuse this feature and if you want to kick a truly inadequate player, nothing will happen to you

Damage by allies

Even without a report, the system will record the damage done by your allies and if it is deemed not random, you will be penalized. Try to avoid other in-game disturbances that could be considered as malicious behavior


We have reached an extremely obvious point, receiving complaints for your behavior, you lose trust factor points and extremely significantly. I would like to point out that allied reports are much more dangerous than the opponent's complaint, you can estimate them as -3 conditional units for each complaint of a player of the opposite team and -10 units for an allied report, be careful.

What can increase the Trust Factor?

Stim profile comments

This item affects both increasing the activity of your account and showing the system that your account is interesting to other users. We don't know if the system scans the comments themselves, so the recommendation is to get positive comments. It is also important "who left the comment" empty, new accounts or accounts with low trust factor and God forbid with bans can do more harm than good.
Contact your allies, and if you play well, your opponents to leave comments on your profile.
We also provide a service comment baiting in stymeall comments are sent from real accounts, so if you want to speed things up, come on in.

likes, thanks.

Liking or "praise" is the antagonist of reporting, which is why it is so important to ask for likes during competitive games, because this is how you maintain a balance between complaints about you and praise. As with reporting, it is extremely important who sends you praise and under what circumstances.
To restore the trust factor we also offer likeBut you can do it naturally by asking for and earning praise while playing the game

Steam activity

Let's touch in more detail on which actions are evaluated by the system and which are considered to be the most effective ones
Create guides, at least 1, can bring your trust factor to a normal level, and communication in comments and chats, helps to improve trust. It is extremely important to maintain a high gaming activity, even if you do not play in, something else other than ks 2, try to run in the background of several games that would accrue hours.
You can also do it automatically, through our service - Spending hours in Steam

Steam guard

You must have a mobile steam guard installed and a phone number tied to it (which has NEVER been blocked). This item not only protects your account, but also gives you a good increase in Trust.

Watch patrol

By reviewing the patrol and making the right judgments, the system will reward you with a modicum of experience and increase your account credibility

Do your shopping

We do not encourage you to carry money in steam, but making small purchases, even for 10-30 rubles, through the store and trading platform increases the score of your account, do not neglect it. You can sell a few cards and buy other cards, thereby creating monetary activity

How long does it take to update the Confidence Level?

Here you have taken all or part of the actions, when to expect changes, will they be instantaneous? Unfortunately, we will not give a direct answer to this question, because each case is different, but we will explain the mechanisms of changes in the trust factor, for your understanding and assessment of your personal situation.

Trust factor is almost never updated instantly. These are rare exceptions available in case of a large amount of likes / praise. Usually it takes 24 hours to a week to gradually increase and update the trust.

Raises the trust factor quickly

  1. Scrugging likes and ordinary likes in large volume
  2. Replenishment of comments in styme
  3. Steam purchases

Raises the trust factor in 1-4 days

  1. Spoofing hours or just a lot of gaming activity
  2. Adding Steam guard
  3. Community communication

Raises the trust factor in 7 days or more

  1. Writing a manual
  2. View patrols
  3. Improved behavior during play


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