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Comparison of ranks and game modes

Valorant ranked and non-ranked matches: Differences and choices on the road to success


In the world of Valorant by Riot Games, epic battles and strategic gameplay appeal to players around the world. When choosing between ranked and unranked matches, a key understanding of the differences between the two can prove crucial on your path to the heights of success in this exciting game. In this article, let's focus on the subtleties that will help you decide on the type of matchmaking that suits your goals in Valorant.

Ranked matches: Raising the skill bar

Ranked matches in Valorant are a true test that allows you to accurately assess your skill level. Let's analyze the key aspects of ranked matches:

1. Rating system - Your journey begins by placing in one of the ranks that corresponds to your current skill. As you play and win, you climb the rank ladder, opening up more and more challenges.

2. Balancing skills - The system forms teams by balancing the skill level of the players. This ensures intense and balanced battles that will be a true measure of your performance.

3. Prestige and status - Ranked matches allow you to confirm your status and your well-deserved place among the best players. As you move up the ranks, you raise your prestige in the world of Valorant.

Non-ranked matches: Relaxed style of play

Non-ranked matches offer an alternative to a more informal approach:

1. Without the risk of losing rank - In non-ranked matches, you are free from worrying about maintaining your rank. This is a great opportunity to experiment and train without fear of negative consequences.

2. Random team lineups - In such matches, players of different levels meet. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere suitable for spontaneous fights and new tactics.

3. A game for fun - Being able to enjoy the game without the stress and strain of ranking makes non-ranked matches an ideal choice for fun.

How to choose: Ranked or unranked matches?

Deciding between ranked and unranked matches depends on your goals:

For ambitious and competitive players Ranked matches will provide a real opportunity to measure skills and achieve high ranks.

For those looking for a relaxed gameplay experience and wants to practice without losing rank, non-ranked matches are the perfect choice.


The decision between ranked and unranked matches in Valorant depends on your preferences and goals. Ranked matches provide a more competitive environment to measure skill, while non-ranked matches provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy the game without stress. Regardless of your choice, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the game and develop as a player.

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