Useful tips for beginners to win in Valorant 1

Useful tips for beginners to win at Valorant

Tips for winning

Remember the shields


This equipment will not save you from being hit in the head, but it will significantly reduce the incoming damage to the body (up to 66% per hit). Don't forget about buying armor, its presence will save you repeatedly in the game, and it is really the best investment!

Most of the time we recommend you to give up expensive guns and buy a shield first, and then think about other guns. This is especially true in the first round or after switching sides, when everyone has only 800 credits.
There are currently only 2 shields in the game, Light Shield and Heavy Shield.

Fundamentals of team play

Don't forget that Valorant is primarily a team-based shooter, where interaction with teammates affects the success of the match. So don't just rush to all points, spend money, mess with your allies, etc. Discuss tactics, agree on points and teamwork, try to play united and the chance to win will be obviously higher.

Don't forget to use "Shift"

Use the shifter

If you want to quietly get close to the enemy or silently change your position, then remember about the wonderful key "Shift" and never forget about it=) Believe me, it will save you many rounds and nerve cells.

Use the knife

We use a knife

Don't forget, to get to the right place faster or to leave the field of firefight, we always switch to the knife! The knife gives a significant speed boost.

Strife is a good thing

Almost in all shooters, if you play other shooters, you obviously know about the mechanics of stretchfayu This is when the player can both shoot and move in parallel. Almost everywhere it gives only a plus, because bullets fly into the target, and it is much harder to hit you.

But Valorant is not about that, here you'll have a much higher spread when streaming and it will be harder to hit. Therefore, it is highly recommended to shoot without moving, and ideally always shoot at the head to kill faster.

Don't waste ultimates for nothing


Absolutely every agent has a unique skill, an ult in simple terms. Special skill can be obtained only after it is charged. To get a full charge, you need to accumulate 7 points, for killing you will get +1 point, as well as you can pick up spheres on the map, which also give 1 point.

When ultimates are accumulated, you don't need to use them right away, you need to properly assess when they will fit with your teammates depending on the situation on the map and by rounds.

Credit problem?

Game currency is credited at the very end of the round and the more you kill, the more valuable the reward will be. There are cases when the game "did not go", "no mood", "does not fly", etc. Do not be upset, remember that you can always ask your allies for weapons by right-clicking on them in the purchase menu.
Also don't forget to buy your allies if they ask and resources allow you to do so. Remember the point above, this is a team game!

Unlocking new agents

New agents

At the moment (August 2023), the game has 22 agents. To unlock all agents, you just need to play constantly, you will gain experience after each game. Don't forget to open the contracts of the agents you are most interested in!

You can speed up the process by completing daily quests, of which there are 2. For the fulfillment of quests give a fixed reward and experience, it will greatly accelerate the pumping. Often these quests are simple and are related to killing, setting a bomb, etc.
Completing the quests should not be difficult. Agent quests are updated every 24 hours