About Rank Boost in CS GO 1.

About the Rank Boost in CS GO

How to raise the rank and what is Boost cs go

On the Internet you can find many offers to pump your rank, but not all, it is worth your attention. For example, the well-known site "platform" fanpay does not bear any responsibility and gives no guarantee that your account will be blocked, you will only return the few hundred rubles that you paid, and you will lose your account forever This problem has not bypassed the majority of "privateers" who can only give a guarantee in words

What is a Boost in CS GO?

Boost - from the English word "boost" - to increase, in the context of cs go, it is pumping the game ranks, victories, and the account as a whole

How it works

Boost process is carried out by 2 methods: Direct and in the Lobby i.e. in the group

The direct type of boosting means transferring your account, the performer, which in turn, a series of victories will help to raise the rank, to pass the calibration or other

Lobby promotion, it is a type of boost without transferring an account, you yourself will play from your account in a group with the performer

Each of the described options has its pros and cons, for example

Direct boost, as a rule, is much faster, but on the other hand give your account to a stranger without a reputation is extremely dangerous, because there is no guarantee that he will not try to steal it or play with the cheats, which could lead to blocking the account

On the other hand boosting in the lobby, looks attractive, we ourselves will play, no one to give your account, but this type of boost, takes much more time, as well as the cost rises markedly compared to the direct method

Who needs a boost?

There are many kinds of pumping, from Steam hours boostwhich aims to raise the value of the account to the usual rank booster in mm or faceit

Most often, players resort to outside help when they feel that they are stuck at a certain rank and most often through no fault of their own. It is in this situation, the boost will be a useful and effective measure to solve the problem

It is worth noting that raising your rating, often required by players who want to learn to play better, which means they are looking for a stronger and stronger opponent

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