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Why buy here?

There are many offers for the sale of CS:GO accounts, even with prime, medals, etc., which seems to be an attractive offer, but in fact, you get a "pig in a poke," because those accounts are often stolen or their owner, a.k.a seller, will restore the account within a couple of days

We, on the other hand, offer:

  • A wide range of accounts with different ranks, ratings, number of hours played. You can choose the best option for you
  • The best prices on the market for a high-quality product. No overpricing and long bargaining with inadequate sellers
  • Only original account details - NO stolen accounts
  • Convenience. The fully automated system allows you to choose a product you are interested in and then get it in a few seconds after payment
How do I get an account?

When placing an order, you specify an email address to which we will send all of the account details immediately after payment.

An email with account details is sent automatically, so you will receive your new account within a minute

Why would I buy an account?

Buying a ready-made csgo account with a rank, usually interests players who:

  • Are tired of trying to boost their rank in MM or ELO on faceit, and would like to play at a level that they deserve without wasting their own time.
  • Want to improve their skill level, because it is almost impossible to progress when you usually play against weak opponents 
  • Want an account, for a personal collection or a separate account to play with friends, so as not to lose the rating on the main cs:go account