Mut chat in ks go - How to Remove

How to Remove a mute in CS GO - Chat Ban in CS GO

Take off the mute in CS Go and block the chat - Is it possible?

Back in February 2020, Valve introduced a system of penalties for violators, for whom players sent complaints. More than a year has passed, and the system has remained a "prototype", a large number of blocked players receive for far-fetched and unfounded complaints, because the system still does not analyze the text chat, not to mention the voice chat.

About chat ban in cs go / Mute

The attempt to combat toxic and unethical players is commendable, but the implementation, as always, in the repertoire of Valve, leaves much to be desired... It is also worth noting that players themselves can enable/disable a voice chat with the offender, through a table (TAB)

For how long is the mute?

Blocking chat or otherwise "mute" is a non-standard ban for CS Go, because usually you are always shown the period of punishment, but not in this case. Valve did not even bother to direct the players to let the correction and indicate how to remove the blocking, which we will talk about a little further, but for now

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: chat block, it doesn't go away by itself!

How do I remove the voice chat ban?

We have a semi-official statement, developers, that, to remove the block, you just need to get experience - to play any mode and increase the level of the account itself CS GO.
But the exact figures were not specified, and there is a reason for this - blocking is not uniform and their "term" is very different, depending on the number of reports received, so we present you a series of measures that will accelerate the removal of this unpleasant ban and once again use the text and voice chat in the game.


experience points

According to the developers, it is mandatory, but not the only criterion that will help get rid of the ban and do not neglect it, try to play all modes, so each week to get the maximum amount of experience.

Boosting commends and comments steam

About the comments, there are still arguments, but the likes (praise in csgo) is one of the most reliable and best solutions! If you are aiming as soon as possible to remove the mute, without likes, you can not do without, and get them you can very legal way - Normal "solicitation" through an auxiliary account or a friend, just recommend getting likes, not only on the official servers cs go, but also on community.

A simpler and faster option is to buy likes (commends). We provide such a service and you can read about it directly Here. Commends boost takes place on our server, and you only need to go to him, the rest of the process is automated, we can boost up to 20,000 likes on 1 account. Of course, do not count on the likes to remove the ban itself, but they Guaranteed will help speed up the unlocking process, you can imagine it with the formula

Blocking for 14.000 experience points, with the accrual of 100 likes, can be reduced to 7.000, and that amount can be forged in an evening.

Steam activity

The activity itself in Steam, does not directly affect the time of blocking, but we must mention that getting a mute chat - you are guaranteed to lower your Trust Factor and significantly, so we strongly recommend taking steps that will restore your Trust Factor. Playing at a low "trust level" - playing with cheaters and trolls




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