How to raise trust factor and what it is - Trust Factor 1

How to raise the Trust Factor and what it is - Trust Factor

Trust Factor levels, how does it work and how do I check the Trust Factor?

The Trust Factor, otherwise known as the Confidence Level, is a set of various game factors and parameters that will affect the selection of players in competitive csgo mode. This selection factor, works for 5 on 5 and 2 on 2 modes

  • What is the trust factor in CS GO?
  • How do I check the Trust Factor level?
  • Do you have a low level of trust for no reason?
  • How can I increase my Trust Factor and improve my selection?

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What is the trust factor in CS GO?

After the cs go update in June 2018, we were presented with a method to sort players by the quality of their behavior and generally improve the gaming experience. The level of trust is formed based on a large number of game factors of your account, which we will talk about, a little further.

As you can see in the example images below, you can have green, yellow and red trust levels. Unfortunately vavle does not give us a numerical value for this parameter, so we can only check it by these icons

Red Trust FactorHow to raise trust factor and what it is - Trust Factor 3If you receive such a message, it means that the player you are in the matchmaking queue with has a hidden Confidence Rating significantly lower than yours. The game will pick up an opponent with the same low Confidence Rating, even though other members of the group may be fine.

Yellow Confidence Factor

How to raise trust factor and what it is - Trust Factor 5
This table means that the confidence level of the player in the lobby is slightly lower than that of other team members and the game will still pick an opponent based on the lowest rating for the group

Green Trust Factor

How to raise trust factor and what it is - Trust Factor 7
If you do not get any message about Trust Factor while searching for a game with friends, it means that all players in the group are about equal, which is not always a quality indicator since I note that if you take 2 players with a low rating, they will not see any tableau since the game determines that both players play on a low Trust Factor. So read on to find out how to really determine your Trust Factor

How do I check the Trust Factor level?

If you want to check if your Trust Factor is Red (Lowest) or has a positive value, you can follow these steps:


1.  Find a player who has a guaranteed green Trust Factor level. You can do this by such items as:

  • Ideally you need a player with 150+ wins, several medals, badges and other attributes of a quality account
  • The player never stood out in red or yellow in line with other players
  • Any player who regularly watches patrols in csgo is guaranteed to have an increased level of Trust Factor

2. Go into the lobby with such a player and start looking for a match in the "Wingman" mode i.e. 2 on 2 and if you do not get any warnings about low confidence level, you are guaranteed to have a Green level

The method is not the easiest, but at the moment the only one that works


Do you have a low level of trust for no reason?

There are many factors that cause your Trust Level to be red or yellow, let's go over the main reasons:

  1. You are playing without prime status. At this point, having prime status on your account is a very important part of
  2. Obviously, if you even have a prime account, but regularly receive reports (complaints) for cheats or incorrect behavior, your level of trust will quickly fall into the red zone
  3. Playing with other players who have a low level of confidence (in a group) is also often an additional factor
  4. You have a new account that is not tied to the phone, few transactions, purchases in the store and the game as a whole


How can I increase my Trust Factor and improve my selection?

If you already know your confidence level is red or yellow, you can take the following steps:

  1. Get as many likes as possible from other users in different modes, you can just ask for it
    You can also gain likes by a simpler method with us - The likes boost instantly raises the Trust Factor
  2. Increase your gaming activity in cs go - you need to play different modes, including competitive modes, without getting reports
  3. Watch the Overwatch! - If you already have this feature available on your account, watch 10-15 Patrol entries and in a few days you'll notice a change in your confidence level
  4. Increase the activity of your steam account - Play other games, leave comments in the steam community and generally make your account more lively
  5. Be sure to attach your phone number to your account
  6. The last proven way to increase the Trust Factor - Remove the restriction of the account by buying something in Steam for $ 5, for accounts where the restriction is already removed, take the game at a discount, in general, show financial activity on the account

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