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Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your problem and will be happy to help you solve it. Most often our customers face the following problems:

I can't find the activation key email

Please note that not all services do not receive a letter with the activation key, for example, the accrual of likes or comments does not imply receipt of such a letter.
For other services, where according to the instructions there should be such a message, it is important to check all mail folders, including spam. К сожалению, некоторые почтовые сервисы принимают такие сообщения за спам.
If you still can't find the letter, you need to contact us via Ticket system и приложить чек оплаты заказа (Скриншот, где видна сумма, дата и время перевода)

Order key cannot be activated

Most often customers copy activation key with a mistake i.e. with an extra space or dot, which also count as characters, please make sure that you copy the key correctly.
In case the key is "new" and you are sure you have not activated it before, but it does not work, please contact support via Ticket system

Do you still have questions or have a problem?
Please contact support

Operator vk - We will help to solve simple questions and advise on the operation of the service

Ticket systemFor all technical questions, as well as already opened orders in direction of the "Hour Boosting"

Call us: +7 995-593-22-38
Availability of operators:
from 10:00 to 20:00 Moscow time