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Please follow the instructions 🙂

Accounts with mobile steam guard or disabled protection can be connected to the clock scrambling - your choice

Please go to your mailbox, which you specified during payment, in it you will find a letter with the payment check. The order activation key is also there

Instructions - Boost Clock 1

Register or log in with your personal cabinet account - LOG IN

Paste the previously copied key into the "Activation" field and clicking the "Activate" button will refresh the page and display the new order
If you already have an active plan, it will automatically renew by adding up your subscription days and privileges

Instructions - Boost Watch 3

Go to Home Page  select your active order and click on the "more details" button to go to the order management page


  1. Games are added only by steam id. For example csgo is 730. To see the id of any game - here
  2. Added games will be connected to your account within 24 hours (usually much faster) 
  3. Boosting several games in parallel, which means that all the selected games are boosted at the same time 
  4. No need to frequently delete and add the same games unnecessarily, this will slow down updates to your order data

Instructions - Boost Watch 5

Fill in the connection data

Take a look at the adjacent "Data" block and the "Customize" button is exactly where you need to click

Instructions - Boost Watch 7

In the window that opens, fill in the data to start the work and do not forget to click "Save."

Instructions - Boost Watch 9


Congratulations you have passed all the steps to connect your account! The bot will process your request and connect your account and games within 24 hours (usually much faster) 

Do you still have questions or have a problem?
Please contact support

Ticket systemFor all technical questions, as well as already opened orders in direction of the "Hour Boosting"

Call us: +7 995-593-22-38
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from 12:00 to 18:00 Moscow time