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>> How to place an order?

Step 1 - Contact us

Boost commends and comments steam, a process that requires your participation, so to get the service, please contact us at your convenience channel of communication (online chat, vk, telegram)

When contacting us, please attach the order number or a screenshot of the notification (example below) Alternatively, you can attach a screenshot of the receipt of payment for the order, which should show the amount of the order, date and time of payment.

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Do you still have questions or have a problem?
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Operator vk - We will help to solve simple questions and advise on the operation of the service

Ticket systemFor all technical questions, as well as already opened orders in direction of the "Hour Boosting"

Call us: +7 995-593-22-38
Availability of operators:
from 10:00 to 20:00 Moscow time