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Why buy a Faceit account from us?

There are many offers on the market, where you are promised to buy a faceit account at a good price, but in fact you will buy a "cat in a bag", because most of these accounts are stolen ones
Either the seller is the owner of the account, will immediately restore it

We, on the other hand, offer: 

  1. A wide range of faceit accounts of different levels and with a variety of statistics
  2. Best prices on the market for quality accounts that you'll be playing on for years to come
  3. ONLY original data - No stolen accounts on our site ever exist and never will!
  4. Instant delivery - you will receive your account in just a few seconds after payment (by mail)

How do I get an account?

When placing an order, you specify an email address to which we will send all of the account details immediately after payment.

An email with account details is sent automatically, so you will receive your new account within a minute

Why would I buy an account?

Buying a ready-made faceit cs go account is usually of interest to players who:

  1. Tired of playing independently in the "swamp" of one rank and want to enjoy the game 
  2. Want to improve their skill level, because it is almost impossible to progress when you usually play against weak opponents
  3. Want an account, for personal collection or a separate one for playing with friends, so as not to lose ranking on the main facit account

Can the account be restored?

That's out of the question!
In the sale are only verified accounts, which were prepared by our performers

Let's not forget to remind you that you will receive all your account registration details and your first email address