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Safe boost of your cs go account from Silver to Global Elite, up to 12 wins per day, boost in the lobby and convenient personal dashboard makes choosing FastGG the best decision 🙂

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Use your personal dashboard to get all the statistics, screenshots of the boost and communicate with the performer


Lobby boost

Lobby Boost

You can choose to boost your rank in the lobby, without transferring your account, at a convenient time and days for you

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Pro Faceit Players

Pro Players

We collaborate with professional cs go Faceit players, which means you get the best service and statistics

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How does the rank boost work?

Boost rank in cs go is possible directly from the account and in the lobby. 
With a direct boost, the performer will log into your account and raise the desired rank with a series of victories. Please note that you do not need to disable Steam Guard protection.
Lobby Boost is a type of boost when you play from your account without passing it to anyone

After placing an order on the website, you will get access to a personal dashboard, where you can configure all the parameters of the boost, agree on a time convenient for you and just chat with the performer. 

Can I play by myself?

If we are talking about playing together with the performer, then yes. In the calculator, select the desired item "Lobby boost" and then you will be able to agree on the most convenient time for games.

If you're asking about the ability to play while the performer boosts your account, unfortunately this is impossible. These restrictions are not set by us, but by steam. To solve this problem we created boost indicator, which shows if your account is busy or free at the moment. Also, you can always agree on the time when the booster will not be on your account.

Is Boost safe in cs go?

It's a fair question, we're all worried about our accounts and the assets on it.
The boost itself is completely safe, because the performers are not random people, but proven professional players who have more than 3000 elo on faceit.
Your steam account is fully protected by the mobile application steam guard, which makes it impossible to transfer items, to make a sale on the marketplace, and even account details can only be changed through the confirmation of steam guard

By trusting us, you will get the best csgo boost service for a great price

Why do you need a booster?

Unfortunately cs go is not the most balanced game when it comes to competitive mode with a selection of players. There are a few cases that definitely indicate that you need a rank boost in cs go.

It is worth paying attention to how often you come across inadequate players in the team and "trolls" because it is them who can greatly spoil the overall statistics. You can put all your efforts to win, and even be a top 1, but these guys just do not let you win and get the rank you deserve.
Then instead of 3-6 games per rank, you may need 10-20 or maybe even more. If you don't have that much time and desire to play with toxic players, we will come to help you raise your rank. Although cs go is a team game, you can't always rely on random players.