Бинд на смену рук в CS:GO — самый легкий способ настройки расположения

Changing hands bind in CS:GO - the easiest way to customize location

Как забиндить смену расположения рук в КС:ГО Если вдруг, по какой-то причине Вы решили сменить расположение рук в игре, тогда эта статья точно Вам поможет. Для этого нужно: немного времени, открытая консоль в этой игре и пара минут на прочтение нашей статьи. Данный бинд на смену рук в кс го — самый легкий способ настройки…

Почему падает уровень доверия и как восстановить Траст Фактор

Why trust falls and how to restore the Trust Factor

How do I raise my Trust Factor level in CSGO? Previously, we wrote an article about Trust Factor, but we think it should be supplemented with new information and details for better understanding of players, about the mechanism of Trust Factor operation and, most importantly, how to keep it at a normal level. Trust Factor - This is a complex indicator of integrity...

Как снять мут в кс го – Бан чата в CS GO

How to Remove a mute in CS GO - Chat Ban in CS GO

Remove mute and chat blocking - Is it possible? Back in February 2020, Valve introduced a system of penalties for violators, on which players sent complaints. More than a year has passed, and the system has remained a "prototype", a large number of blocking receive players for far-fetched and unfounded complaints, because the system still does not analyze the text...

О Бусте ранга в КС ГО

About the Rank Boost in CS GO

How to raise the rank and what is Boost cs go On the Internet you can find many proposals with pumping your rank, but not all, worth your attention. For example, the famous site "platform" funpei does not take any responsibility and does not guarantee that your account will be blocked, you will only return those few dollars that ...

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