Переключение руки на левую

Changing hands bind in CS:GO - the easiest way to customize location

How to bind a change in the location of the hands in KC:GO

If suddenly, for some reason you decide to change the arrangement of the hands in the game, then this article will definitely help you.
To do this you need: a little time, an open console in this game and a couple of minutes to read our article.

This change-of-hand bind is the easiest way to customize the location of your weapon.

How to choose hand placement in CSGO

If you just want to change your hand in CS:GO, then all you have to do is enter one command - this is definitely the easiest way!
Open the console in the game and enter the following command:

cl_righthand 1 - the character will hold the weapon in his right hand
cl_righthand 0 - the character will hold the weapon in his left hand

After entering the command, the hand will change immediately. If you want to change it again, you type the command back in and change the value (if it's 1, you write 0 and vice versa). All as written in the example above.

The CS:GO hand switch bind to the right hand when you press the button

If you want your hand to change when you press a key, we need to add a bind to the same command.
It looks like this:
Open the console and type the command:

bind "mouse4" "cl_righthand 1" - when you click on Mouse4 the weapon will go to the right hand.

Переключение руки на правую

Now when you press mouse4 (or any other binded key you have), the hand will change to the right hand. Accordingly, you can now bind your left and right hand to two different keys in CS:GO and alternate their change, if you need it so.

Left Hand Switch Bind by pressing the button

To change the location by pressing the key on the left hand, it will be enough to write the same command, but with a different value.
Open the console and enter the following:

bind "mouse4" "cl_righthand 0" - now when you click on Mouse4 you will go to the weapon in your left hand.

Переключение руки на левую

Now when you press mouse4 (or any other binded key you have), the hand will change to the left hand. If you want, you can bind 2 different keys and alternate the position of the hands in the game.

Bind to change hands when pressing a single key

This is probably the most popular way to change hands in CS:GO. It is used by most pro-gamers and streamers, as well as by most of the game's users.

This bind is suitable for those who like variety and who are comfortable to change the position of their hands all the time, no matter what you need it for.

The old tradition is to open the console and write the following bind:

bind "mouse4" "toggle cl_righthand 0 1" - Mouse4 will be used to change hands. The first press will switch the weapon to the left hand, the second to the right hand and so on.

Переключение рук нажатием одной клавиши

Disabling binds

If you have the desire to remove these binds, it is very easy to do so.
Enter a command into the console:

unbind "mouse4" (your assigned letter is in quotes) and no more clicking on Mouse4 will trigger the bind.

The next time you need to bind the location of the hands in the CSGO, simply go back to the information described in the paragraphs above and bind the key you want.

Why do we need it and what are the advantages?

Of course, there is no advantage to the hand placement, but at least visually you can make yourself feel good.

The tradition of changing hands has been common since CS 1.6 and many still practice it.

Consider the most popular reasons for changing hands:

  • You're used to doing this in older versions of CS.
  • You visually like the weapon in any hand.
  • It may seem to you that the view is much larger.
  • You decided to experiment.
  • You see a player playing a different hand.
  • And many more

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