Meta Valorant summer-fall 2023.

Metagame analysis for summer-fall 2023

Welcome to our top Valorant agents for ranking boosters. The list is based on stats from popular sites and among a survey of our Immortal and Radiant rank boosters.
This shooting list is suitable for all players, regardless of whether you play solo or in a pack with friends. But be warned that the list is still more oriented to the standard team player, not the one who runs alone and relies only on himself without communicating with the team.

Meta Valorant summer-fall 2023.
Heroes 2023 Tier List to boost the rankings
Tier Agents
S-tier Deadlock, Jett, Reyna, Skye, Killjoy, Raze
A-tier Sova, Viper, Omen, Brimstone, Phoenix
B-tier Astra, Breach, Chamber, Cypher, Fade, Sage
C-tier Harbor, Kay/0, Yoru, Gekko, Neon


Overview and explanation of the Agents

In this section, we give a small explanation of why we put this or that agent in the table.
If you still have any questions, you can always ask them below in the chat, our managers and boosters will always be happy to help you!

S-level agents


Deadlock icon

Deadlock has the most unique kit we've ever seen in a game. Her abilities can decide entire rounds, and she is excellent in both team play and single player mode. While it's still early to judge, we think she'll be a very strong choice from the start of the season or any other point in the season.


Jett icon

Jett is good on both offense and defense. She can give space to a team on offense and is still a good operator and/or aggressive pusher on defense. Her ultimates can also win in eco rounds, where enemies can get into non-ideal fights during anti-eco when a Storm of Blades kill gives a teammate an enemy rifle. Don't forget to hit enemies xD


Reyna icon

Smurf Agent. Reina is designed to be selfish and play for herself, making her the best ranked single turn agent. In less coordinated games and with infrequent contact with her teammates, Reina is able to evade or heal more often, naturally with enemy kills taken into account.


Skye icon

Skye has been modified to play less selfishly, and has gotten much stronger since the last few patches. She also requires excessive communication and teamwork to get the most out of her kit.


Killjoy icon

Killjoy is the strongest Guardian and possibly even the most powerful agent in VALORANT at the moment. This is thanks to the recent changes and Chumber's huge nerf. She should be selectable on all maps except Breeze and Bind.


Raze icon

Raze is the only duelist who can get some information on her own, create space, and is the strongest on defense. She is a versatile agent who can play a lot of solo moments with her blast packs. Even though she's heavily toned down, she still shines with her huge area damage potential and high mobility.

A-tier Agents


Sova Icon

At lower ranks, fewer people believe in his utility and it gets a lot more value, and at higher ranks with more coordination his utility complements the usually well played duelists. Owl is also a great character for single clutches and late rounds to make a big individual impact on a team.


Viper icon

Viper is a must pick on some maps and can take over the game if the team can set the bomb. This is because she has the perfect abilites for the bomb, can slow down the enemy and do good damage. She can also farm her ult for almost guaranteed round wins.


Omen icon

Omen is a controller with a kit best suited for individual play. It can also come in from many angles that are impossible to calculate in a less coordinated team of enemies.


Brimstone icon

Brim is very easy to play as, and is a great way to help a team with smoke while focusing on firefights. Brimstone can also be a post-spike monster whose ult will help slow or stop enemies retake, making this utility more powerful for stopping disarms.


Phoenix icon

Phoenix's buffs have made him a stronger agent overall in all environments. His game is pretty selfish and has a lot of aspects to individual play.


Valorant's best team compositions by map

  • Ascent
    • Sova, Omen, Killjoy, Jett, KAY/O.
  • Fracture
    • Fade, Killjoy, Brimstone, Raze, Breach.
  • Haven
    • Fade, Killjoy, Omen, Raze, Breach.
  • Bind
    • Brimstone, Raze, Skye, Cypher, Viper.
  • Pearl
    • Fade, Killjoy, KAY/O, Jett, Astra.
  • Lotus
    • Killjoy, Viper, Raze, Astra, Fade.
  • Split
    • Skye, Breach, Cypher, Raze, Omen.

Here are some powerful team compositions we recommend for each of the Valorant cards.

Format and gameplay

Dash ratings

In general, the S/A/B criteria are as follows:

  • S-level agents are optimal for the current meta. They can fit into any team composition and should be in almost every team composition on almost every map.
  • A-level agents are very good, but not as consistent as S-level. They can fit into most team compositions and work well on most maps, but there are some exceptions where other options may be better.
  • B-level agents are less powerful than their peers, inconsistent, or dependent on certain cards/team compositions to succeed.
  • C-level agents are considered a weak choice that has no advantage over their predecessors. They are not considered the worst picks in the meta.

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