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Накрутка Лайков КС ГО - Похвала
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No need to transfer your account

Without transferring

The accrual of commends takes place on our server and it is completely safe!


We will help you solve any of your questions 24/7

We're always here for you.

Our team works for you and we are always happy to help with any issue, just email us 🙂

Own server

Own server


To gain commends you need to go to our server and stay online

commends 55


Loyal prices allow you to choose the best tariff

Низкие ценыLow prices

Low prices for large rates allow you to quickly raise the Trust Factor and get a lot of likes for less than 0.08c, per likes

Trust Factor

Quickly raises the Trust Factor

Commends CS GO

Accrual of "likes" greatly affects the formation of the trust factor


No one will know.

Скрытый режимHidden mode

Boost is held on our personal server, and you can accrue a small number of likes

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How do I get likes?

For the boost of commends, you do not need to transfer your steam account. After ordering, we will invite you to our server, where you can be in "asleep" mode to get likes

Who needs it?

If you began to get caught with cheaters, toxic players and would like to avoid such a nasty experience, the boost commends in cs go, this is one of the best ways to raise the level of trust (Trust Factor)

Also, the amount of likes, positively affects the value of the account

Is it safe?

Considering that the entire process of recruiting likes takes place on our server, it is completely safe.

It is important to note that we send "Commend" from real accounts.